Sunday, March 24, 2013

Introducing baby David Channing!

David Channing Trebas was born on November 11, 2012, at 12:45pm. He weighed slightly over 8 pounds, and was 19 3/4 inches long. He was born with a head of black hair, and was very alert from the start. Labor went fairly smoothly, considering that David wasn't in the right position to make an entrance. He was sunny-side-up, which would explain why we were both so uncomfortable. Anyhow, I ended up having pretty intense back pain the entire time, and not even an epidural would take that away. After 12 hours, we were finally able to meet our little boy, and he was definitely worth the pain!

His induction was actually scheduled for the 13th, but he decided to come out before being evicted. :) My mom had already flown in from Utah, which was a tremendous help. She was happy to hold that baby!

Jordon and I immediately fell in love with this little guy, and Olivia has learned to love him in time. :)

How could you not fall  in love with that face?

Shortly after my mom headed back to Utah, Grammy Julie was able to come visit. She also was happy to get her baby "fix" and we loved having her! Olivia was happy to have a little more attention coming her way too. Having been an only child for 3 years, it has been a bit of an adjustment for her, not having our undivided attention.

Grammy Julie was here to decorate our little Christmas tree with us, as we listened to Kenny G, and ate white chocolate fudge Oreos.

Soon after Grammy had to go back home, it snowed here in Plano! It actually stuck for a bit too!

This was the view from our patio. And this is what Olivia thought of the snow.

That's my girl! :) Pretty to look at, but I hate how cold and wet it is. Anyhow, the snow melted by the end of the day, and a week or so later, we had MORE company! Grammy and Grampy Trebas, and Aunt Emily came in from California, and we had a great time with them! 

While they were here, we went to the mall and took the kids to meet Santa! I have to say, this is exactly how Santa should look.

I also have to say that we make some pretty cute kids. :) Having family here, we decided to do David's baby blessing at Church. He was a little over a month old, and looking sharp!

Because I'm his mom, I will now post a few of my favorite pictures of David from the past 4 months. :)

Love my boys!

Ready for church!

Our cutie, at 3 months.

Four months old. At his check-up, he weighed 17 lbs, 3 oz, and was 23 inches long. BIG boy, wearing 9 month clothes! He even has rolls on legs! ADORABLE!

Love our sweet kids. Liv is a really good big sis.

She is also LOVING Preschool, and her favorite little friends.

This picture will bring you up to speed. Jordon is currently in San Francisco, and will be for the next week. Over the weekend, he was able to meet up with his Mom, and Papa Channing. Why is he in San Francisco? Because he will be attending GDC (Game Developer's Conference) this week, networking, hopefully finding a job, and even PRESENTING his latest game, Voodudes, at an Intel booth. Intel actually sought his team out and asked them to present at the conference, which is a pretty big deal. Last year, Diablo 3 (I believe) was presented there. That's legit. :) Anyhow, Jordon has spent the last few weeks preparing by printing off business cards, updating his website (check it out at, revamping his resume, and by just being awesome! I'm so proud of him and I'm sure that this week will bring nothing but good things.

On that note, Jordon will graduate from SMU in May and we will hopefully have found a job by then!:) Who knows where that will take us, but I'll keep you posted!

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